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  • 3.3   bfc4ntk release 3.3
    Release 3.3

    Version 3.3 supports unpacking of lz77-packed partitions from multipartition binaries by providing the offset of the bcl header. If none is provided it will use 0x0.

    Windows release bfc4ntk.exe

    Linux release bfc4ntk


    Unpacking first partition from multipartition binary:

    bfc4ntk -d FWA119S.bin FWA119S-p1.bin 0x00000000

    is the same command as

    bfc4ntk -d FWA119S.bin FWA119S-p1.bin

    Unpacking second partition however:

    bfc4ntk -d FWA119S.bin FWA119S-p2.bin 0x002c5e14

    This will unpack the partition found at 0x2c5e14 to FWA119S-p2.bin